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Develop Once, Run Anywhere
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Develop Once, Run Anywhere

Our existing engine, WildFire, has been engineered from the very beginning to be as cross-platform as possible. Why does it matter to you? It means that unlike other development companies, we don't have to develop three separate copies of the application at three times the cost, both in terms of time and money. Instead, we develop the application once, make small platform-specific tweaks, and viola, it's done! This not only gets the finished product to the market three times faster, but also provides significant cost savings to you.

Unlike other studios, we develop just once, not once per platform
Our system even reduces the number of bugs that have to be fixed - after all, there's fewer bugs in one instead of three copies of the project. Furthermore, since it doesn't rely on proprietary SDKs which may break or change behavior through updates it also reduces future maintenance cost and inconvenience to end users.

We currently support iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, and Windows 8 Release Preview operating systems, including full Retina screen support where applicable.

To summarize, our develop once, run anywhere system provides you with the following benefits:
  • Cost reduction to approximately a third of other platform-specific alternatives
  • Three times faster development time
  • Significantly less buggy code, both now and after future OS updates
  • Consistent look and feel on all platforms

Production-Tested Engine

When building a new application, we don't start completely from scratch - that would be highly inefficient. Instead, we rely on our existing cross-platform engine, WildFire. WildFire consists of two main parts - a full-featured interactive UI library and a complete 2D and 3D game engine. Not only are both of these highly versatile and adjustable, but they have been in continuous, multi-platform real-world use, testing, improvement and development since 2009. What does it mean to you? It means that the core foundation of your project has already been developed, well-tested and debugged - even before your project has been started!

Our engine has been used in over 50 games on 5 platforms for the past 6 years
In addition, the versatility of our engine is incredible. Want an iPhone app with custom animated UI and beautiful transitions? No problem. Looking for a game with 60fps frame rate that runs on any iPhone all the way from 3G to 5S? We got it. Want them both to also run on Mac OS X? No problem, the engine has already been ported. Want to expand to Windows 8 to capture a new, emergin market? Again, it's ready.

As you can see, we have a tremendous and well-developed foundation for your project. It can provide virtually everything you might be looking for:
  • Continuously-developed, tested and debugged project foundation beginning with first App Store releases in 2009
  • Provides an optimized UI library with custom skins and smooth animations on any hardware
  • Contains an extensive 2D game engine that can be adapted to any game genre
  • Includes a 3D, OpenGL ES 2.0 and DirectX 11.1 game engine for more advanced titles

Windows 8 Metro Publishing

This is another optional service that distinguishes us from the competition. We are the first company we know of to offer publishing your app in the upcoming Windows 8 Store. Why is this important? Remember how it was when the iPhone App Store was just getting started? There were very few apps, but many users, generating incredible exposure to those who made it to the store early (as well as, in many cases, incredible profits along the way). We offer you a unique chance to repeat history, but this time with Windows 8. Within the first year, Windows 8 will ship to quite literally hundreds of millions of customers, and all of them are within your reach with this option.

We should note that at the moment, all apps in the Windows 8 Release Preview are free, and cannot be charged for, although this will be an option when Windows 8 comes out. There two main benefits to being in Windows 8 Store early. Number one is exposure. This is practically guaranteed, since when it comes out, everyone will be checking out the Store, and it will be much easier to get noticed if you're in early on. The second option is profit - this is less certain, and depends on what the application purchase rates will be and how many applications will be in the Store from the beginning. However, there is a very good chance that profits generated early on will be notably higher than profits generated within a year.

Thus, Windows 8 publishing package offers the following benefits:
  • Huge exposure at Windows 8 launch
  • Increased revenue from being an early-entrant

Veteran Team

As good as our engines, designs, and products are, the very core foundation that determines how good (or not) the project becomes is the people, and we've got them. Our development team has quite literally been through everything, starting with some of the very first Intel processors, through the launch of iPhone, iPad, and now approaching the launch of Windows 8. We've developed on Macs, Windows PCs, Linux boxes and pretty much all mobile devices Apple has produced up to now starting with iPhone 3G.

25 years of design & development experience on all major platforms
This is not just bragging (although in a small way, it also is that :) - it's crucial to you, because it means we've seen almost all kinds of problems a project may encounter, and we've already went through the learning process on our own. This is not the case with other, less-experienced developers who may still be learning on the job - while you're paying them for it. Our experience also means we've already gone through all the quirks of not only Apple's, but now Microsoft's Store approval process, and can not only avoid all the known pitfalls, but also advise on best strategies to help your app succeed after launch.

Last, but not least, are our designers. With more than ten years of experience, they have done almost everything - from web-pages and banners all the way to full-featured content-creation applications and complete game designs, including both UI, game look and feel, and levels. Whatever the project is, we can create a beautiful, user-friendly design for it.

  • Highly-experienced, cross-platform development team with production-proven problem-solving skills
  • Extensive experience with Apple's App Store's and Microsoft's Store approval process
  • Extremely skilled design team with broad capabilities for anything from websites to applications to game design

Unparalleled Graphic Design

Everything we do must look beautiful, refined, clean and pleasing to the eye, without sacrificing any of its functionality. It's as simple as that - that's just who we are. This means that in any project we work on, we pay very close attention to even the slightest detail, sometimes going as far as looking at individual pixels to make sure the design looks as good as it possibly can.

At the same time, we consistently come up with beautiful and novel designs for everything from our products to the websites that represent them. What this means is that no matter what kind of an idea you have, we can wrap it in a beautiful package that will look and feel great to the user. Alternatively, if you already have a design in mind, we can implement it for you, and even suggest several possible directions for tweaks and changes if need be.

  • Beautiful, creative and sleek design for your project without sacrificing usability
  • We can create a design for your idea for you or implement your own design

Proven Track Record

While, predictably, not every project released to the App Store succeeds, we've had more than out fair share of success stories. Ultraviolet Dawn, for instance, was featured on the front page of both iOS App Store and Mac OS X App Store, raking in over 56,000 downloads in a single day.

Multiple app store front page featured promotions for our apps
Since then, it, along with its sister free version, were downloaded by several hundred thousand customers. Similarly, Violet Storm was featured as one of the large top banners on the front of the Mac App Store, reaching as high as #3 spot in the global Games category, and a number of our other apps were also featured as "New and Noteworthy" in the iOS Store. Our games have also gathered numerous reviews and mentions on TouchArcade front page.

In addition to this, we've frequently worked with several marketing firms that help applications get reviewed, distribute press releases, etc., and we know what's worth the money and what's not. We can share this experience and other tips and tricks with you, helping your application becomes more successful than it otherwise could be.

  • Reliable track of record of App Store successes
  • Complementary sharing of Store dos-and-don'ts, marketing tips and recommendations

Sustainable Local Talent

We don't use any outsourcing. Absolutely all of our design, planning, and development are all done locally in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by developers who are only fed local organically grown food (true fact). This means that by hiring us, you're not only supporting sustainable local talent development, but you are also likely to get much higher-quality results - outsourced labour often tends to be less well-qualified, less interested in doing a good job, and less reliable in general (there's a reason it's cheaper).

While we could compete on price and be an equivalent of Lada, known for making dirt-cheap cars using 1950s technology with corresponding quality, for us, it just doesn't feel good to do a cheap, low-quality job when we know we could do much, much better. This is why it's good to think of us more along the lines of BMW or Mercedes - we like to build cutting-edge, high-quality, well-designed products, and although they tend to cost a bit more than the absolute low-end products, you'll be getting significantly more than you pay for. These are not just empty words - with the standards and expectations set extremely high by the intense competition in the App Store, even a minor difference in quality can make or break the product.

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