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Ultraviolet Dawn

Ultraviolet Dawn is an addictive, large-scale open-ended game which presents the player with a Universe consisting of over 1,000 stars, and allows the player to decide him- or herself whether to be good or evil, fight or trade, run humanitarian missions or hunt pirates.

The main challenge in this project was the breadth of the game. It allows to completely customize the ship, trade goods, sign up for various missions, and even hire teammates. In addition to this, the AI ships are not simple enemies - they treat the player differently not only based on whether the AI ship is a merchant, a police vehicle, or a pirate, but also based on his reputation and criminal background.

Ultraviolet Dawn was featured by Apple on the front page of the iPad and Mac OS X App Stores, and reached #1 rating in the Role Playing Games category, as well as breaking the Top 20 iPad games. It was then further featured in various space-related game categories, and has accumulated, along with its free versions, several hundred thousand players. It was downloaded over 56,000 times in the first day it came out as a free promotion for the iPhone.

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