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Scire University

Scire Learning Simulation is a large, complex, network-connected learning simulator that was built for Laureate International Universities group to facilitate internal top management team training. The game places you as a President of a virtual university called Scire, and simulates three years of day-to-day, as well as long-term strategic, decision-making.

Scire comes complete with a full virtual environment to simulate a real university. As you start the game, you are given just one hour to play a year of internal time - and, as a true CEO would, you are immediately bombarded with emails, voicemails, decisions that need to be made, projects that have to managed, key team members that require meetings, as well as a trove of information about the university, internal politics, future trends and projections, and so on.

As you play along, Scire provides a unique feature not found anywhere else - a Digital Mentor which gives you a detailed, personalized feedback for every year played, which helps you analyze things that went wrong and learn to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Scire is one of our crowning achievements, and has been commented on by real executives and CEOs as a very close approximation of their actual day and an incredible learning tool.

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