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Desert Quest

Desert Quest is a large, sophisticated game with its own living and breathing, uniquely designed 3D world. It features not only animated animals and spirits, but a full weapons, equipment, spell and magic system, as well as five different puzzle mini-games within the main game, and sixteen large levels each with their own unique creature types.

This title presented a number of challenges. First, it prompted us to expand our then purely two-dimensional engine to support three-dimensional maps. Further more, it required significant R&D work for combining 2D and 3D elements and particle systems, as well as supporting animated 3D organic meshes (used by the main character when running, using weapons, etc.).

The final obstacle we faced was ensure this complex and graphics-intensive game ran on all devices with reasonable frame rates and within memory constraints. After extensive optimizations, this was achieved, allowing the game to run even on the original iPhone 3G.

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